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JUNE 2024


A pampered princess.

 A killer king.

The seeds of ruin.

Now that her schooling is over, pampered princess, Ouna Domonov must turn her attentions to the needs of the realm; such as marrying a Waterborn Descendant of the Naiads to help uphold the Balance.

But she doesn’t want her hideous intended, nor her responsibilities. All she wants is to have fun with her best friend, who must soon face her own royal duties. As a last hurrah before the wedding bells sound, the friends head north for Vinterfest. There is just one problem: L’adu. The grumpy guardsman her betrothed has hired to protect his “interests”, seems intent on spoiling her fun and shielding her from the only man she deems worthy of her hand, the dashing King Olaf von Oderberg.

But when intentions are misconstrued, the merrymaking ends. Ouna’s freedom is under threat and the destruction of her country at stake. Can she put her naivety and prejudices aside to fight for what and who is truly important?

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The sundered islands of Riverda are dying. The earth magics that protected and sustained them before the Rivening are unbalanced; dwindling in some areas while stifling others. Refugees flee to find a better future, most heading for the nearly unscathed island of Felisted… but not all is as perfect as it seems.


On the eve of her wedding to the future emperor, Kalla is kidnapped along with many innocent Felitians by hideous flaming demons. She must find a way to survive in her harsh new surroundings and she will do whatever it takes, but is she willing to pay the price?


Meanwhile, her beloved vows to retrieve his bride against the odds and the wishes of his father. As the old ruler weakens and Nerosus begins his plan of ridding the empire of magic, he enters into a power struggle with his sister for control of the Felitian people. He has brute force and fear on his side, while she has a voice from the shadows, a secret from the past and the very thing he despises; magic. Will his love of power outstrip the power of love or will he set the world alight with his passion for both?


The Bastard Heirs is a companion novel to Waking Ursa Minor. Whilst you do not need to have read Waking Ursa Minor first, it is advisable.

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