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All that glitters is not gold...but Bronze!

Did you know that The Briar Crown cover came 3rd in the Bloggers Choice of SPFBO 9 cover competition?

It was very well deserved for my cover designer @akorganicabstracts !

She is currently designing the cover for the next book in The Zemkoska Chronicles and OMG! It is going to be STUNNING!

I really can't wait to share it with you later this year!

What is The Briar Crown?

Well it's a spicy fairytale retelling with enemies to lovers vibes. If you like books about princes and princesses but that also have a bit of Narnia-esque feel to them, plant magic, a strong FMC and cinnamon roll MMC, then click on the Books page of my website!

And don't forget- The Briar Crown is on sale (0.99) until June 30!!! Buy Here!

Interested in collecting more SPFBO 9 book then click here!

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