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Busy being an author!

It has been a busy couple of week here at HRP headquarters!

During the past two weeks, not only have I been trying to crack on with my writing but I have also been invited to not one but two Evening with an Author events and had a newspaper interview.

I was interviewed by the newspaper Telemarks Avisa about the release of Waking Ursa Minor. They had wanted to do it in release week, but well...we got the thing than shan't be named that week, so it had to be put on hold. It was ultimately the day before my first author event and was actually good practice for it. The article ran on the 1st April, although by a sad turn of events I was unaware of that and missed the opportunity to buy a paper copy. I hope I can find one somewhere.

My first Evening with an Author was held at my local village library and considering we are such a small place, there was quite a good turn out of around eight people. It was in a very relaxed setting with us all sat around a table. Yes, I will admit that I knew all of them, but that's besides the point!

I was very nervous but it went very well as I had had access to the questions beforehand (a good job too as the whole thing was in Norwegian).

I even managed to sell a decent number of books, both Waking Ursa Minor * and the Norwegian version of A Whiff in the Woods, which is called, En Stank i Skogen.

Less than a week later and I was doing my second Evening with an Author event. This was a little bit further away in a little town called Åmli. The library there is beautiful and is actually in the old railway station (the line was closed in the 60s). It was light and airy inside and very spacious. The setting was a bit more formal this time, with myself and the librarian in armchairs in front of a couple of rows of chairs. There were less people at this event and I feel a rambled a bit more on this occasion but it still went very well and I still managed to sell copies of Waking Ursa Minor.

It has been a very busy but interesting experience and I have been told there may be possibilities for school visits later in the year!

Have you ever hosted or attended an author event? I'd love to hear about your experiences.

* Please note that some of my universal book links contain affiliate links and should you purchase through this link I may receive a small commission.

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