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Happy Easter SALE!


Do you celebrate easter? What traditions do you have?

After 2 birthdays in the past 2 weeks we are taking it easy but I thought I'd share a little Norwegian easter tradition with you: Påskekrim!!

Literally : easter crime.

This is where Norwegians go to their cabin, catch the last of the snow and indulge in some crime books or tv shows. They even have a brand new mystery comic on the milk cartons for you to solve over breakfast!

Now I don't have any crime books but in the spirit of curling up with a book, I have put both Waking Ursa Minor and The Briar Crown on sale!

You can get then for 0.99 each! Can't decide, get both for less than the price of one!

The Briar Crown is only available on Amazon and is free in KU until April 17th when it will go wide.

Waking Ursa Minor is available wide.

Question: if you could buy my books direct from my website, would you?

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