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Can we just savour this moment....

Yes...that is my to Sarah J.Maas....and mine got a Heck Yeah!!!!

I was beyond thrilled to see this pop up on my YouTube feed this evening and I am not going to lie...Maggie made me cry.

Not in a bad way... in a happy tears kind of way.

I have been watching Maggie's channel Maggie's Books and Stuff since she started in January this year. While she started off as a Historical Romance lover, it is safe to say she is well into the fantasy romance arena now and has some rather adventurous tastes. She makes me laugh in every single one of her videos so I highly recommend going to check her out.

I knew she loved fairy tale retellings, so I put on my big girl pants and sent her an email asking if she would like to listen to my recording of The Briar Crown.

Now one of the reasons I love Maggie's channel is down to her enthusiasm, but she also calls a spade a spade so I was a little nervous to hear her opinion, but all I can say is Thank you so much!!

Not only did she enjoy the book but she also gave me a huge compliment on my voice acting ( that's the bit that made me teary).

But I won't stand here repeating what she said, so please do go and check out the video if you are interested by clicking the image or right here.

And once again to Maggie, thank you!

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