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!!!!Massive Summer Sale!!!!

Calling all fantasy fans!!!

From June 26th until June 30th Waking Ursa Minor will be only 99p/ 99 c / equivalent in your currency alongside 49 other fantastic indie books as part of the SPFBO Summer Sale.

This is your chance to stock up for the Indie Accords Readathon 2022, starting June the 1st or simply to fill up your eReader for your holidays!

It is also an amazing opportunity to read along with the SPFBO competition and feel part of it.

How do you snap up all these fantastic deals?

Well you head on over to E.G.Radcliff's website where all 50 of the books on sale are listed. If any take your fancy, simply click on the picture and it'll take you to a retailer or universal book link. Alternatively you can simply search for the book on your retailer of choice's website.

I really hope you take this opportunity while you can. I certainly have my eye on some! Let me know which ones you get!

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